10 Best Movies Based on True Stories

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10 Best Movies Based on True Stories


1.     Monica Z

Monica Z is a swedish biographical drama movie. It is based on the true life and career of singer. The world popular Swedish jazz vocalist, on screen character and symbol Monica life through fame and hardship. Set in the marvelousness and free soul of the mid sixties. Monica a youthful Swedish community young lady is longing for the dynamic city jazz clubs of stockholm. She leaves on an extraordinary voyage in the spotlight as a commended vocalist and on screen character in the brilliant period of jazz.


2.     Fighting With My Family

Fighting With My Family is a 2019 biographical sports and comedy movie directed by Stephen Merchant. Fighting with my family is an endearing satire dependent on the fantastic genuine story of WWE superstar. A previous wrestler and his family bring home the beacon performing at little scenes around the nation while his children fantasy about joining world wrestling entertainment.


3.     Kiss of a Killer

Kiss Of a Killer is a American 1993 thriller movie directed by Larry Elikann. A curbed lady called Kate lives with her tenacious old mother in their two story house. In any case, she releases her mystery wild side during the evening, and gets down to business resembling a genuine vamp to lure man and has unknown wild sex with them. At some point, she sees a tow truck driver named Gary helping a lady whose vehicle stalled in no place. Apparently a not too bad and hunky family man, Gary goes out to really be an authentic perilous mental case with a mystery twofold existence of his own – that of a fierce attacker. At night, he attacks the home of the lady he helped that day and attempts to assault her at blade point, however she battles back and attempts to get away, so he thrashes her, coincidentally killing her.


4.     The Farewell

The Farewell is a 2019 United State Comedy and Drama film directed by Lulu Wang. It starts are Awkwafina, Tzi Ma, Diana Lin and Lu Hong.In the Farewell 2019 movie a Chinese family finds their grandma has just a brief time left to live and choose to keep her out of the loop booking a wedding to assemble before she passes on. A willful Chinese and American lady come back to china when her darling grandma is determined to have terminal malignant growth.


5.     Ray & Liz

Ray & Liz is a 2018 British drama movie directed by Richard Billingham. On the edges of Birmingham and the edges of society the Billingham family perform extraordinary ceremonies and break social taboos as they wade through an actual existence chosen by elements outside their ability to control. Richard Billingham comes back to the grimy board level outside of Birmingham where he and his sibling were raised, in a showdown and compromise with guardians Ray and Liz.


6.     Trial by Fire

Trial by Fire is an United State True life drama movie coordinated by Edward Zwick. The film is based on David Grann’s article ‘Trial by Fire’ that appeared in the New york in 2009. The lamenatable and dubious story of Cameron Todd Willinggham, who was executed in Texas for slaughtering his three kids after logical proof and master declaration that reinforced his cases of guiltlessness were smothered.


7.     Stockholm

Stockholm is a 2018 United State Crime movie produced by Robert Budreau. The film premiered at the Tribeca movie festival on April 2018. Stockholm was released on aprile 2019 by Smith Global Media. Stockholm movie is based on the preposterous yet evident 1973 bank heist and prisoner emergency in Stockholm that was reported in the New York as the roots of the origin Stockholm syndrome.


8.     Hotel Mumbai

Hotel Mumbai is a 2018 biographical thriller movie directed by Anthony Maras. It is inspired by the 2009 documentary surviving Mumbai about the Mumbai attacks in 2008 at the Taj Mahal Place Hotel in India. Hotel Mumbai is the genuine story of the Taj Hotel fear based oppressor assault in Mumbai. Lodging staff chance their lives to guard everybody as individuals make unimaginable penances to secure themselves and their families.


9.     Rocketman

Rocketman is a 2019 biographical music movie. It based on the life of music Sir Elton John and directed by Dexter Fletcher. Rocketman is a musical fantasy about the fantastical human story of Elton John’s breakthrough years. This is one of a kind musical biopic embarks on the spectacular journey of Elton John in his rise to fame.


10.     Tag

Tag is a 2018 United State comedian movie directed by Jeff Tomsic. A little gathering of previous cohorts sort out an intricate, yearly round of label that expects some to travel everywhere throughout the nation. Childhood friends Jeryy, Callahan, Randy, and Sable have been competing in the same game of tage for 30 years. When Jery gets married, he attempts to retire from the intense annual game.


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