Aquaman makes it big in China

Posted 2018/12/09 35 0

It is always interesting to see how movies get around in a market such as the Chinese one, where the culture is completely different from the western, but it is also one of the main and biggest movie markets in the world, not only as public but also as producers.

Of course, as in the rest of the world, superhero movies are also a big hit every time they come out. Being Marvel, as usual, the lead, but this time we are going to take a look at an incredible premiere.

Aquaman just premiered in Chinese theatres more than a week ahead of the American market, where it will debut on December 21. The premiere made weekend was so great that it is now close to the $100 million, making it the second best December debut in the Chinese history, making it even better than 2015’s Mojin – The Lost Legend, which, in China, surpassed that December biggest international hit Star Wars The Force Awakens, which was the 3rd best selling movie ever worldwide, so you better believe that Aquaman here did a pretty amazing job.

It’s important that Aquaman made it big since there was actually a lot in the game. The DC Extended Universe (their own way of saying “Cinematic Universe”) was pretty much in-game here. Aquaman almost got pulled off right after the disaster that was Justice League, and especially how bad it measured up against pretty much any of the Avengers movies, and of course, Aquaman was not the only movie in danger

However, it is now up to the international release to determine whether it is, or not, a success. And it’s up to the King of Atlantis to see if DC Extended Universe manages to survive in the fast-paced, violently successful and amazing world of superheroes in movies. Stay tuned for more on this later on when the international release is completed.


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