Bohemian Rhapsody: as big as Queen

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Very few bands have managed to have quite the success that Queen has, enduring decades and staying in everyone playlists and more, everyone knows at least one chorus of one of their songs. You have totally sung along to We Will Rock You, or stayed on the car through the whole Bohemian Rhapsody and banged your head to the amazing riff and solo.

Well, now that Bohemian Rhapsody, Queen’s very own biopic, is finally in theatres it has become the most successful biopic ever, grossing over $540 million worldwide, with only a humble budget of $54 million. And not only that but thanks to the film, Queen’s music has gotten to be back on #1 on many international charts.

Allowing newer generations to join the Queen fanbase, its incredible success has gone far beyond the second place on that list, which now belongs to Straight outta Compton that holds a total gross of $201 million worldwide, followed by yet another musician’s biopic like Walk the Line and Ray, both of which were unable to make it over the $200 million mark.

While its success is unparalleled, of course, it could have not gone off clean without any controversy, and there has actually been some discussion as to why the movie did not touch certain “key” aspects in the band’s career. The movie wraps up around the Live Aid concert, and does never really go into the subject of Freddie Mercury’s AIDS diagnosis and how it affected his life, nor does it go that deep into his homosexuality, and some fans argued that he’s being portrayed as homosexual rather than bisexual.

Anyway, needless to say that while those things annoyed some of the most intense fans or critics, the average moviegoer really embraced the film, and most Queen fans just loved the show, making it the Queen of musicians biopics by a big margin, as well as giving it the #1 spot in the international debut weekend domestically.

Critics also loved Rami Malek’s performance as the band singer Freddie Mercury, claiming it is Oscar-worthy. Mr. Robot’s actor took the place of another famous actor that was rumored for years to be playing the role of Mercury, we’re talking about Sacha Baron Cohen. Nonetheless, while the original band members loved Malek’s performance as the legendary singer, claiming it was a complete body language recreation, Brian May (Queen Guitar player) has claimed that if the movie were to be lead by Cohen it would have “been a mess”, but of course, we will never know about that, we can only imagine


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