Into the Spider-Verse quickly swings in with Amazing Reviews

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The superhero subject in the media has gone incredibly wild over the last years. It’s really incredible how far have the superpowers moved the world in the last few years. The comic culture has gone so far that went from being a (not small, but certainly smaller) community of fans, to be pretty much the most popular theme in the world.

To the younger generations of today, a world without superhero movies seems like something impossible, however, it has not always been like this. The popularity of this theme is exactly what makes it so hard for a new superhero movie to stand out from the rest.

You can argue that this all pretty much started with one super movie that changed it all, Spider-Man. Many years after the release of Sam Raimi’s Spider-man we’ve had two reboots of the saga, being the most recent one Spider-Man Homecoming, Marvel Cinematic Universe take on the Character. However, Sony was not ready to say goodbye to the spidey

Back in 2013, there were already plans for a connected universe of Spider-man movies by sony, which included the third part to Amazing Spider-man, The newly released Venom movie, and a possible but still not real Sinister Six movie.

With no success yet in that area, Sony Pictures Entertainment is releasing now Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse. A dazzling, animated and fantastic feature film that’s already winning everybody’s hearts.

Marking the beginning of an interconnected animated Spider-Man movie-verse. This could very well be the best move for Sony to be able to compete with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Trying to go face to face against Marvel in live action is practically an impossible task. Instead with this animated version they’ve earned already some amazing reviews, some even dare to say it’s even better than Marvel’s most recent m treasure, Avengers Infinity War.

And there are already ready to announce the continuation of this universe with a Spider Gwen movie, a character never seen before. well except here in Into The Spider-Verse. And that’s not the only character introduced. In the new animated movies we see a Spider-Man that, for the first time ever in a theatre movie, it’s not Peter Parker. This time, Peter will be coming from an alternate universe to help Miles Morales, a younger and newcomer into the Spider-Man-thing.

This movie represents as big of a risk for the company as big of an adventure it is, Sonny managed to differentiate from MCU as well as even the DC animated universe, thanks to the amazing animated style, we are totally going to be talking more about this amazing movie as soon as more reviews come in, but one thing is certain, this one DOES deserve to be called The Amazing Spider-Man


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