Live action Lion King trailer is a record breaker

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Disney is completely not a stranger in the record-breaking world. If there is a record in the media world to be broken, odds are that Disney is the one that’s going to break it, and if it’s not set yet, they start it.

The live-action adaptation of the classic Lion King will be making its way into the theatres worldwide next year but it is already breaking records. It seems that in recent years Disney has their mindset to release a new wave of live-action adaptations. This one could be probably the one with the most high-profile around there, since The Lion King is one of the most famous original movies from the ’90s, sitting at an amazing $968 million worldwide, not only it is incredibly successful, but it is acclaimed as one of the best Disney movies of all time

The newest record broken by Disney with their new live-action adaptation comes with the trailer already. Getting over 224.6 million views on Youtube in its first 24 hours, it is now the Disney movie trailer with more views on its first day ever. An amazing record, which makes it the second most-viewed teaser trailer of all times, in its first day. In case you’re wondering which movie holds the first place, well you don’t have to look away from Disney. Avengers: Infinity War is the movie that holds the record for most views on a teaser trailer on its first 24 hours of all times with an incredible 238 million views, so it pretty much belongs to Disney too.

There’s also a confusion already going around the audience, and it is “why do they call it live-action?”. It is confusing indeed, why did they decide to call a CGI movie, a live action? Well, it really would go back to even as defining what does it mean for a movie to be live action, and what makes it animated. We know that nowadays pretty much every big movie is just filmed in a blue/green screen.

Jon Favreau’s adaptation of the Lion King is what he calls to be a “virtual production”, being practically a pioneer in the CGI industry, a groundbreaking move in the animation. The movie WAS filmed and used a mix of live-action and animation production never seen before in something of this scale. It is a hybrid of animation and lives action, pretty much redefining the basic terms of what makes an animated movie animated, and what makes them different from traditional live action movies.

Whether this new animation-live action mixture will be a success is pretty much up to this new Lion King adaptation, one thing is for sure, this has to be expensive. But just by the looks of it, and with the amazing numbers of the trailers is pretty safe to assume that it will be a success.


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