Marvel’s Martial Artist Hero is getting his own movie

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It seems that nowadays we talk about Marvel pretty much every day, but they just keep doing it and making it to the top of everyday news.

By reading this article’s title you might have thought it was a new upcoming movie about The Iron Fist, the superhero with the now-canceled Netflix series. However, it is not the case this time. We are talking about the first Marvel movie with an Asian lead superhero character: Shang-Chi, The Master of Kung Fu.

A new report just kicked in and it is all about the new fast-tracked development of the new movie, already having a screenwriter set (Dave Callaham, an Asian-American screenwriter). And rumors are that an Asian or Asian-American director is currently being sought for the film. So far there has been absolutely no talk about who will be playing the main superhero or even what the plot might be.

Marvel seems to finally be going for the Asian/Asian-American culture, and do for them the same as they did for the African/African-American culture with the hit movie Black Panther. Marvel is going big for giving voice and play in the very big league of super triple-A movie universe to the people of different cultures. But not only they are working for giving different cultures a voice, but they are also doing this for women in films with the upcoming Captain Marvel.

Of course, some people may have not even head of Shang-Chi, for it is not really a very popular hero. But it first appeared in the early ’70s. This hero was created after the studio failed to acquire the rights for the incredibly popular (especially at that time) Kung Fu TV show with David Carradine. When failing to acquire the show the company decided to create Shang-Chi as the son of a character created by Sax Rohmer that they had acquired called Dr. Fu Manchu

The character was raised and trained by his father Dr. Fu Manchu to be part of an evil empire in search for world conquer, but when Shang-Chi met Sir Denis Nayland Smith, his father’s nemesis, he is converted to good and now is on a mission to stop his father and the evil guys.

Even though Shang-Chi does not have any superpower by himself, his special martial arts abilities make him practically unbeatable in hand to hand combat, which gave him the opportunity to be a secret agent, explore a lot, and become a member of big superhero teams, he recently even became an Avenger. He may not have any superpower, but his amazing control of chi also gives him the ability to do many things normal humans can’t do


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