Ralph Breaks The Internet and the box office

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Ralph Breaks The Internet was released just in time for Thanksgiving in the United States and apparently didn’t just broke the internet, but it also broke the box office.

The sequel of the video-game movie that won our hearts back in 2012 and quickly became a classic managed to live up to the expectation is created. Among a wave of movies released for the long Thanksgiving weekend, even though the estimated box office forecast was of about $50 million for the weekend and about $72 million for the long holiday weekend, however it did score an amazing estimate of $85 million, wrecking the $49 million of the first part’s debut.

The amazing release numbers are now second only as a record for Thanksgiving debut to another Disney movie, Frozen, which earned a blasting almost $94 million on its first five days.

While these numbers do sound amazing, it’s important to keep in mind that this movie is carrying on its back a big $175 million budget and that I order to be truly successful it is crucial it makes that number back and overpass it by far So the movie better keep the big numbers coming up, because it will need them.

The movie was not the only sequel this Thanksgiving weekend, the second place in the box office was with MGM and New Line’s Creed II. The sequel to the new “Rocky” movie saga, a thrilling boxing movie that totally keeps you at the edge of your seat. Even though the first Creed was a success and the sequel had a considerable amount of people excited, the movie didn’t even manage to make half of what Ralph Breaks The internet made.

While the original movie was a sort of tribute to the arcade gaming era, and how the culture was back then, sorta like a place where time never passed. The sequel is the first Disney movie o really get into the Internet or so to say. It goes into the world wide web, dissecting how everything is connected nowadays. But not only the amazing parts of the internet, we all know not all that glitters is gold, and that is much more real on the internet, where you can get into all sorts of troubles if you’re not really careful.

Even though it is set in a modern ambient, it relies a lot upon the nostalgic effect to get into your feelings. And sometimes people may find themselves just enjoying the memorabilia in the scene rather than the story itself.

It is also amazing to see just how much power Disney has in the modern world, and how big of an impact it is available to make on today’s world.


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