Top 10 Websites For Movies Lovers

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Top 10 websites for Movies Lovers

1. Hulu

Hulu is founded in Octomber 29, 2007 11 years ago. Hulu is kind of Netflix but it’s focused more on television programs and series videos. Hulu is a United State world largest movie streaming service developed by Walt Disney that let you to use all your devices computer and phones and watch your movies and television shows. Hulu has 28 Million subscriptions. Hulu is providing you free services and get to watch the first five television shows, previews and movies with out any charge. It’s a great way to see that what’s available on Hulu and you have interest in before you paying for it. Hulu Plus is a paid subscription of Hulu. It’s cost is $8 per month.


2. Netflix

Netflix is United State world biggest and most famous  movies streaming website established in August 29, 1997 (22 years ago) by Marc  Randolph and Reed Hastings . Netflix is allowing users to watch thousands of on demand ad free TV shows, episodes, series and movies on your favorite device. Netflix also develop the Netflix app  that give you the best experience anywhere, anytime. It cost is  only $7.99 per month. Netflix let user’s one month free trial. If you cancel your membership in first month, you will not pay any charge. Netflix is most popular now a day each individual is want to a member of it. Netflix has 148 million paid subscriptions. Netflix services is operated more than 190 countries.  in 2016 Netflix is released estimated 126 series and films. Netflix has played an important role in independent film distribution.  Netflix became a biggest name in entertainment world. Netflix now offers up a wide scope of substance over each kind you can envision. From full periods of the present most blazing TV shows to exemplary films, Netflix has more excitement than you would ever conceivably watch. Netflix does not make any money through advertisement or commercials in its streaming services. According to the reports of January 2019, the company garnered 140 million paid subscriptions globally which included more than 58 million paid subscriptions from the USA alone. Overall, the company earned $8.82 billion in total revenue in 2016, and crossed $11 billion in total revenue. Netflix is giving you a beautiful experience with no ads ruining within your TV shows. It’s main source of revenue is only subscriptions, which cost between $7.99 and $13.99 per month depending on your plan. This actually totals to about $950 million per month, according to the company’s earnings report.  Netflix is a profitable, stable company that should be around for the next 5-10 years. It only offers monthly plans, so there might be no risk of you getting a long-term membership plan and losing that money. Netflix expanded its business by introducing streaming media and retaining the DVD and Blu-ray rental business.


3. Youtube

Youtube is a United State video sharing search engine website founded in February 14 2005 (14 years ago). Billions of videos are uploading and sharing on this platform. Youtube developed by Jawad Karim, Steve Chen and Chad Hurely . Youtube let users watch entertainment series, TV shoes, Films many other all type of videos. Users can upload a video like,comment and share. Youtube is most second famous site in the world. Now a day more then 500 hours of video content are uploading on youtube in a minute. You can also create a channel on youtube and upload your own videos, peoples can watch your videos. To create an account on youtube you must be 18 years old. These videos also can be embed and can be share on another website. You can subscribe each other on Youtube. Who have not channel on youtube that user’s can only watch videos online on this website, While registered user’s allowed to upload an unlimited videos and add comments, like share on videos. Google bought the youtube in 2006 for $1.65 billions dollar. Youtube registered user’s can earn advertising money from Google Adsense. A program which targets ads according to website contents and viewers. More then 400 hours in each minute content uploaded in 2017, and everyday 1 billion hours videos being watched on site.


4. Dailymotion

Dailymotion is competitor of youtube. it is a Europeon video sharing entertainment site developed by Vivendi founded in 15 March 2005 (14 Years ago). Dailymotion have more then 300 millions user’s per month and it have available 25 language worldwide. it is a french website, you can watch movies, videos, TV series and shows in limited duration time. Dailymotion site is a safe plateform to browse and upload your contents. Indian authority had the temporary ban the site in 2012. Second ban start in august 2014 and lifted in December 2014. Dailymotion is free from viruses. Further more Dailymotion is the best and top site to movies lovers, You can get everything that you want.


5. Vimeo

Vimeo is most famous is largest ad free video sharing website. It established in November 2004 (15 year ago). Vimeo is launched by a group of film maker Zach Klein and Jake lodwick. Vimeo word  is taken from two words “Video and Me” created by Lodwick. Vimeo had got 100 million unique visotors per month in December 2013. The 50% fifteen percent Vimeo’s traffic comes from mobile devices. More than 170 million viewers are watching videos per month on Vimeo about 42 millions are in the United State. Vimeo is providing you 5GB free storage for a week and Vimeo plus storage is 5 GB per week upto 250 GB per year. Vimeo pro storage is 20 GB per week and upto 1 TB per year. Now a day people’s have more interest in this site and using the Vimeo for sharing and promoting their business. You can add  your favorite videos to your channel, group and album. Vimeo have a section that will learn you ” How to create best videos or lessons”. You can see your videos analysis that who played, viewed your videos who liked your videos who shared your contents. Vimeo developed a section named of  ” Tip Jar” for content creation. You can create your own Group to chatting with others about your videos and contents. You can also purchase videos from other creators. On this platform You can upload share your own videos and see more then thousands of video to others that are creators. You can also add videos watch later.  You can Like and Comment on videos and also can share videos with others. Vimeo also have paid subscriptions for the active members that are have interest in art and content creation.


6. Amazon

Amazon is founded in July 5 1994 (26 years ago) by Jeff Bezos. Amazon is a United State and world largest selling Company of technology, cloud computing, E commerce, artificial intelligence and digital streaming. But You can also watch prime videos, movies, TV shows and many more that you want to view. Amazon have a prime video app. Prime members can also enjoy to watching movies, TV shows and videos with 30 days free trial on amazon. Amazon launched Music streaming platform and online music store in United State. Amazon MP3 was established in Germany and France in 2009 and in United Kingdom 2008. The Spanish and Italian editions were established in 2012 and in Japan November 2010. Amazon also launched amazon cloud player as extension in Amazon store.  Amazon launched 2 million songs from over 180000 artists and more then 20000 labels. Amazon also founded a Television and film producer with name of “Amazon Studio”. It was started in 2010. Amazon digital video streaming platform is a competitor of Netflix and many other websites.


7. Metacafe

Metacafe is world largest and most famous entertainment video sharing platform like Youtube. It was stablished in July 2003 (17 years ago). Metacafe is focused short videos of video games, sports, movies, music and many more.  Metacafe is third world largest video sharing site and  had got 40 million viewers as per month.  Metacafe is established his producer reward program in 2006, In this section video producers will pay for their original contents. The program of “producer reward” is closed in 2008 and peoples start ignoring the Metaface and kept focus on Youtube.

8. IMDb

IMDb (Internet Movie Database) is world largest movies database of Films, home videos, television programs, gaming videos among with production crew, casts, plat summaries, reviews, rating and personal details. Internet Movie Database established in 17 October 1990 (28 years ago). IMDb first started by Col Needham as a sharing Movie information. Amazon was purchased IMDb in 1998. Internet Movie Database have 83 million registered users. IMDb lets registered users to submitting new materials and also can edit existing entries. Internet Movie Database published a personal profile page, Which shows that how long a registered user will be a member of website. Users are also allowed to rate any Film or video. IMDb established a free movies platform with name of “Freedive” in start of 2019.

9. Flixster

Flixster is an american social  networking movies website for movies lover. It launched on 20 January 2006 (14 Years ago) by the Joe Greenstein Saran Chari. Flixster is providing you movies trailers, check the latest reviews and ratings, learning about movies, new movies. It also let you create profile and share it with other users. Here is another best option, You can preview a movie before watching it. Flixter had 15451 movies in all genres from 1920 to 2012. On the End of 2017 Flixster sent an email to his users for saying that it would cease all operations in United State. Now a day it announced that it will shutdown it’s streaming video services in all countries. flixster have mobile app and its most downloaded movie app of all time.

10. Filmcrave

Filmcrave is top competitor of  Flixster. FilmCrave is a fun motion picture rating and survey social site that prizes clients for support utilizing a framework. The site gives clients focuses for rating motion pictures, including audits, making records, or composing plot rundowns. The focuses are extremely only for descendants, however for film buffs who like to add to publicly supported data ventures, it includes some in with no reservations great fun intrigue to FilmCrave. FilmCrave is a specialty interpersonal organization focused at motion picture darlings. It enables clients to make composed top motion picture records, compose motion picture audits, watch film trailers, and gives essential interpersonal interaction highlights. Site has some expertise in client created motion picture records, new DVD discharges 2011, new Blu-beam discharges, and different types of film records.



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